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The New Hotness!!

I’m a studio scavenger. A couple of weeks ago I found a cool looking welded wire shape that someone disgarded. Today I came across someone’s disgarded brass ring-soldered-to-flat-brass piece and had an a vision of a necklace.
I welded circles to the wire find, drilled holes and patinaed the brass find, and sewed a length of yellow knitted yarn to either end to form the necklace!
I think it’s pretty coooool!


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Chased + Repouss√©, cont.

Catherine Clark Gilbertson – “Spiral”

OMG*DROOL. THIS IS SO HOT. Wicked, wicked cool.
Can we please make THIS in J2??



{source}  Chased + Repoussé at Velvet da Vinci Art Jewelry and Sculpture Gallery, San Francisco

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