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Ponoko progress and hiccups

Well… It’s almost done.
Hiccups I’ve had so far include:
– burning through one of my felt pieces when soldering a jump ring around it
– realizing I left my completed jump ring chain sitting in the acid stuff at studio
– brass does not heat patina in my oven

Other than that it’s been peachy.

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Pendant sketches

Woven felt on copper. Inspired by tribal mask.

Blue acrylic on purple patina-ed copper. Inspired by tribal mask & geode shapes.

Rastor etched bamboo on textured copper. Inspired by geode & crystal shapes.

Felt on copper. Inspired by crystal shapes & tribal adornment.

Felt on blackened, textured copper. Inspired by tribal adornment.

Copper and TBD material. Inspired by tribal mask & ear stretching.



{source}  my sketchbook + my iphone

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